TOP TIPS on how to Pack for Halifax this Summer!

Have a trip planned to Halifax and wondering what to bring? Follow 7 simple packing tips and you’ll be prepared to explore Halifax from dawn until dusk!

  1. Walking Shoes: If you’ve seen pictures of Halifax, you know our port city is essentially built around Citadel Hill. This makes for superb hilltop harbor views, but it can also make for achy feet if you’re not prepared. A good pair of broken-in sneakers will go a long way toward helping you comfortably explore Halifax’s walkable downtown core.
  1. Baby Wipes: If you have kids, you probably carry these everywhere anyway (but SURPRISE! I’m actually not recommending these for cleaning the kids)! These are for all the yummy, messy, donairs, lobster, fish & chips and ice cream you’ll be sampling! Keep your fingers and face clean between mouthfuls with these handy secret weapons.
  1. Waterproof Jacket: The weather can change quickly in Halifax (especially if the fog rolls in)! It’s not unusual for a cool breeze to bring a quick chill on an otherwise hot day! It’s smart to bring a light, waterproof jacket with you, just in case!
  1. Hat and Sunscreen: Pop quiz: did you know you can get sunburnt even on an overcast day? We’re lucky to have so many bright and sunny days, but Halifax can also have cloudy and warm weather. Whether you’re on the water, walking the boardwalk or lounging on a patio, make sure you have some sunscreen and a hat with you.
  1. Camera or Smart Phone: There are many scenic spots to snap photos of the city. My favourites are Citadel Hill, Peggy’s Cove, the Dingle Tower, Fisherman’s Cove, the Halifax Wave statue, the boardwalk on Water Street, the Halifax Public Gardens, and the city from a Harbour Hopper Tour!
  1. Flip-flops: Flip-flops are a must for any summer vacation, but they are especially important in Halifax. Halifax has more than 150 kilometers of coastline, so your trip wouldn’t be complete without sunning on one of the Top 10 Beaches in Halifax!
  1. Your Sense of Adventure: Halifax is a lively city all summer long, with events like the Halifax International Buskers Festival, Canada Day celebrations, pirate boat cruises, ghost tours and so much more. Bring your sense of adventure and try something new here. You won’t regret it!

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