Top 8 Halifax Burgers Joints to try!

Nothing says summer like grilled meat loaded with all the fresh, crisp toppings you can imagine. Enter the burger; the perfect summer food, synonymous with lazy backyard BBQ’s, cool refreshing drinks and warm summer evenings.

Make the most of the summer and take a bite of one of these hearty Halifax burgers:

  1. Ace Burger

This unassuming restaurant is really just a window in a classic North End bar. Don’t let the humble set-up fool you – this place is serving up surprisingly upscale burgers, with a major focus on local ingredients.

My pick: The “Pig Mac”

  1. Darrell’s Restaurant

If you haven’t tried peanut butter on a burger, you are missing out. Trust me – I know it sounds strange but it adds an amazingly creamy and sweet texture and Darrell’s is known for it. If you’re not convinced, don’t worry, Darrell’s has at least 12 more burgers to choose from!

My pick: The Peanut Butter Burger

  1. Krave Burger

I have never once had bad food or service at this place because it really seemed like the employees are Krave Burger are passionate about what they do. And, hey, the USB ports, mini TVs and sleek décor don’t hurt either! Bonus: their milkshakes are to die for (pretty sure “Chocolate Coma” speaks for itself).

My pick: The Smoking Goat Burger

  1. Relish

This chain has two Halifax locations (Quinpool Road and Bedford), giving you twice the opportunities to “relish life” (words to live by). I love the open kitchen where you can watch your delicious burger being prepared with tender loving care. They have a tremendous varieity of sides to choose from (the waffle fries are my personal fav), not to mention the local beer on tap to pair them with.

My pick: LA is My Lady

  1. Cheese Curds

Cheese Curds is not only a gourmet burger restaurant, but a “poutinerie”! You better arrive hungry because these burgers are HUGE, and you can go nuts with toppings at their “bar” where you can pick and choose whatever you like. They even have an entire breakfast burger menu (bacon, egg and cheese on a DONUT?! Whoa).

My pick: The Lamb Burger

  1. Stillwell Bar

This place is known as an amazing beer bar, but their food even rivals the rotating taps for deliciousness. Serving mostly small plates, they normally have a couple of burgers rotating on the menu regularly. Their meat is some of the most flavourful I have had anywhere in town, and they always have awesome music spinning.

My pick: The Diner Burger

  1. Flipburger

Another chain with two Halifax locations, Flipburger offers enough toppings and extras to make your head spin. It’s also another great place to grab a milkshake, such as the decadent peanut butter, banana and bacon (!!). Try adding truffle oil and freshly grated parmesan to your fries for an extra hit of flavour.

My pick: The Maui Wowie

  1. 2 Doors Down

This popular downtown spot serves elevated comfort food  and the star is their cheeseburger. The Classic is great enough, but you can also pump it up by choosing the Smokehouse (smoked gouda, chorizo bbq sauce, crispy shallots, bacon onion jam and chipotle aioli) or Dragon (red dragon glaze, dragon’s growl cheese spread, cilantro mayo and kimchi slaw). The fries are even served up in a charming, nostalgia-inducing red and white box.

My pick: The Cheeseburger (Old School)

Clearly Halifax does burgers right – so don’t let the summer pass by without enjoying at last one oft these 8 tasty patties!

Photos via: Ace Burger

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