Top 5 LATE NIGHT eats in Halifax

If you’ve ever watched the show ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ you’ll remember Ted Moseby reflecting on the words of his mother: ‘nothing good happens after 2am.’ While we’ve probably all had a moment where we should have just called it a night and gone to bed… when it comes to tracking down a snack after hours, I have no regrets. There’s just something about digging into salty, greasy comfort food at 2am that makes everything feel right with the world.

Here are some of my favourite late night snacks in Halifax:

1. Willy’s Poutine
5239 Blowers St., Halifax

Poutine is an essential late night stop, and Willy’s is the original. I always go for the poutine, but Willy’s also has burgers and cheesesteak, so step right up to the window and place your order!

Nom poutine with stuffing. 😋 #newfiepoutine #vegetarianpoutine #willysfreshcut #willyspoutine

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2. Sicilian Pizza Location: 5245 Blowers St., Halifax Sometimes a slice of pizza the size of your head is just what the doctor ordered. I love grabbing a fresh slice of pepperoni with donair sauce on the top. A little messy, but it’s the perfect treat.

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3. Mezza Lebanese Kitchen
Location: 1558 Barrington St., Halifax

If you’re looking to end your night with some delicious Lebanese flavour, head to Mezza Lebanese Kitchen. Wraps, pizza and plates are all great suggestions, but my favourite selection is the chicken shawarma wrap – don’t forget the pickled turnip!

Roadtrip food! Thanks dad. 😄 #mezza #vegan #nsvegan

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 4. Johnny K’s Authentic Donairs Location: 5246 Blowers St., Halifax Halifax is known for its top-notch donairs and Johnny K’s is no exception! If you’re travelling with a crowd that has diverse dietary needs Johnny K’s even has a vegan option that I’ve heard is delicious!

5. Burrito Jax
Location: 5215 Blowers St., Halifax

Looking to spice things up? Head to Burrito Jax. I’ve had pretty much everything on this menu (and not just late at night!), and you really can’t go wrong. If you’re not sure if you want to tackle a burrito, I suggest the quesadilla with pulled pork as an alternative!

Lunch is served 😍

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Did I leave your favourite off the list? Share your thoughts with us on social media!

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