Top 10 Places to Watch a Sunrise in HALIFAX


Watching the sun rise brings a certain kind of rejuvenation and optimism, reminding us that it’s a new day, a fresh start full of new opportunities. And with the sun rising in the east, it should be no surprise that Halifax is an ideal location to enjoy picture-perfect sunrises.

Whether it be over the open ocean or the harbour, there are locations in and around Halifax that provide sunrise views worth waking up early for. So, rise and shine, it’s time to begin a new day watching the sun come up in one of these 10 spots in Halifax:

  1. Old Town Clock, Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Take a seat next to one of Halifax’s most recognizable landmarks in the historic core of the city, the Old Town Clock, also sometimes called the Town Clock or Citadel Clock Tower. Here you’ll sit overlooking the city atop Citadel Hill, look across the harbor and slightly to your right. Here you’ll one of the best seats in Halifax enjoy the sun coming up.

Directions: Beginning from the Halifax Waterfront, head uphill on any street towards Brunswick Street, you’ll see the Old Town Clock on Halifax Citadel National Historic Site.

  1. Flag Pond Coastal Access Park

Share sunrise with the surfers, Flag Pond Coastal Access Park in Cow Bay was opened in 2012 for Nova Scotia surfing community as a way to respectively access the coastline in the area.

Drive 30 minutes from Downtown Halifax toward Eastern Passage (HWY 322). Continue through Eastern passage on HWY 322, turn right onto Cow Bay Road. A few minutes past the church, the park will be on the right hand side (1775 Cow Bay Road). Park in the parking lot and take a short five-minute walk down the board walk, past the pond to the rocks.

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  1. Conrad’s Beach

Only about a 25-minute drive from Downtown Halifax, Conrad’s Beach is one of my favourite places to not only bring my dog for a beach walk, but also one of my favourite places to welcome a new day with a sunrise. So, wake up your pup, grab a beach blanket, jump in your car and head towards Lawerencetown.

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  1. Bedford Waterfront

The Bedford Waterfront is a great place to watch the sun rise. Plus, Bedford Days festivities kick off June 29th and runs until July 3rd. So, take in a Bedford sunrise and get an early start on all of the fun activities and live entertainment!

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  1. Point Pleasant Park

Point Pleasant Park is the perfect place for an early morning run or a stroll with your dog to see the sun come up. The park is heavily wooded and full of many trails, if you head down hill towards the water you’ll have the best view of the Atlantic Ocean. Originally, due to its visibility of the open ocean, the park was the site of a small fortification protecting the Halifax’s Harbour; also making it an ideal spot to take in a seaside sunrise!

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  1. Halifax Waterfront

The truth is you don’t have to roll out of bed to far from downtown Halifax to take in an exquisite sunrise. Grab a coffee and head to the Halifax Waterfront. I recommend grabbing a seat on the board walk in front of the Halifax Seaport Market.

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  1. Sir Sandford Fleming Park

Only a short distance from Downtown Halifax, located off of Purcell’s Cove Road, Sir Sanford Fleming Park land and the tower, Dingle Tower monument, were donated to Halifax in the 1880’s. Wondering who Sir Sanford Fleming is? He best known as the creator of universal standard time. So, check your clocks and set your alarm for a 6 a.m. sunrise!

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  1. Eagle Rock, Admiral’s Cove

Best known as Eagle Rock, a summit located in Admiral’s Cove in Bedford is about a 20-minute drive from Downtown Halifax with a stunning view atop a ridge overlooking Halifax Harbour and the Bedofrd Basin. It’s about a 30-minute hike to Eagle Rock with multiple look outs along the way. This is one sunrise location you don’t want to miss out on, it’d also be a great place to enjoy a spectacular sunset!

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  1. Salt Marsh Trail, Trans Canada Trail, Cole Harbour

The Salt Marsh Trail is one of the most popular trails in the Halifax area, and for good reason. An old train railroad, now transformed into a well-maintained hiking and biking trail. It’s 13km round trip and part of the Trans Canada Trail. Good news, the best places to watching the sun rise is from either end of the Salt Marsh Trail.

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  1. Duncan’s Cove

With many of the same features as Peggy’s Cove, Duncan’s Cove has much less tourist traffic and amenities. Duncan’s Cove offers a broad view of the Atlantic Ocean away from the bustle of downtown core and there’s a likely chance you’ll have a few seal pups join you for the sunrise show. A half hour drive from Halifax and involves a short hike from your car to reach the rocks and ocean. Bonus: Enjoy one of the best hiking trails in Halifax after the suns fully come up.

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Where do you like to watch the sun set in Halifax? Let us know!