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6 Things You NEED TO KNOW About the Halifax Oyster Festival

It’s happening people. It’s one SHELL of a weekend, one we’ve all been waiting for; it’s the 3rd annual Halifax Oyster Festival!!!

Celebrating the start of the Nova Scotia oyster harvest season, the Oyster Festival is a 2-day, all-you-can-slurp raw bar event on the Halifax waterfront, happening September 29-30, 2017. Continue reading

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9 AMAZING Spots to Get a Classic Lobster Dinner in Halifax

header image via @meggylindsay

Nothing says Halifax like a classic lobster dinner! Whether you’ve been the the city a thousand times, you’re a local with guests visiting from out of town, or it’s your very first time in Halifax – a lobster dinner is a must-experience item on any Halifax bucket list!

Grab your bibs and check out our rundown of the BEST places to enjoy the East Coast’s crustacean sensation in Halifax.

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