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The BEST Lunch Menus of Dine Around

When it comes to meals, lunch often gets overlooked.  Everyone loves breakfast, we all look forward to a nice dinner out, but somehow lunch always ends up being leftovers or a boring sandwich at your desk.

Fortunately for Halifax, that’s all changing! Make lunch the highlight of your day with our guide to Halifax’s best lunch spots to check out during Dine Around.  And don’t forget to make those reservations soon – the event wraps up March 15, 2018.

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Dine Around’s Top 5 Romantic Restaurants

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With so many amazing options to choose from, the trickiest part of Dine Around is deciding which restaurants to try!

We’ve taken some of the guesswork out by highlighting the five most romantic restaurants on this year’s list – because the only thing better than a delicious gourmet meal at a special price is sharing it with someone you love!

Just make sure you act fast- the event wraps up March 15, 2018.

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Top 10 TripAdvisor-Reviewed Halifax Restaurants

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Halifax’s TripAdvisor reviews are really spreading the love!

From hotels to attractions to places to eat, people are sharing their positive experiences and we want to send all that love right back!

In honour of Halifax ranking #4 in TripAdvisor’s 2018 Destinations on the Rise, we’ve listed Halifax’s TOP 10 TripAdvisor-rated restaurants and some of our favourite reviews of them.

Read on for a little feel-good loving of Halifax’s Top 10 Restaurants on TripAdvisor:

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The Canteen Cold Bowl

5 Halifax Restaurants That Will ELEVATE Your Insta-Game

Let’s not kid ourselves, filters can only do so much and we ALL want to live that #nofilter life.

Anyone with a great Instagram profile knows that, when choosing a restaurant, some key factors include proper lighting, unique decor and most importantly, AMAZING food.

While Halifax has MANY Instagrammable locations, there are a few restaurants that definitely stand out. Not just anywhere will give your followers massive jealousy (goals, obviously 🙌).
From enchanting ceilings to open kitchens, we’ve chosen 5 Halifax eateries that are sure to elevate your Insta game:

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