Pet Friendly Restos, Hotels and Shops in HALIFAX

Are you a pet lover who is planning your next vacation? If you’re planning to visit a new city, you’ve no doubt heard countless stories about these ‘Cat Cafes’ that are popping up in large cities around the world, places where you can pay to play with cats, have snacks and spend time with friends. While Halifax, Nova Scotia may not be quite there yet, there are still many places where your four legged pals will be greeted with open paws.

Where to Eat
Food Trucks
Halifax has really embraced food truck culture over the past few years, which means plenty of outdoor options where you can have a snack accompanied by your furry best friend. Since the number of Halifax food trucks seems to be growing by the minute, use Street Food App available for Android, Windows Phone, iPhone and online to find out where you favourite truck is going to be located, as well as their hours.

Julien’s Patisserie, Bakery and Café
A staple in the Hydrostone neighbourhood, Julien’s Patisserie, Bakery and Café is a North End favourite. While you may not be able to bring your dog inside the shop, there are tables outside that allow you to hang out with your pup. Best of all – they have homemade dog treats. Be sure to buy a few so you’re not the only one enjoying bakery-goodness.

Cempoal de la Calavera Negro
Located at 2376 Agricola Street, Cempoal de la Calavera Negro is a relatively new to Halifax. Luckily for us pet owners, the Mexican-inspired café is pet friendly, allowing you to enjoy your coffee, the local music scene and a game of chess with your friends while your dog lounges nearby.

We’ve talked about Pavia Gallery & Espresso Bar on the blog before (check out the post on romantic hidden gems here). If your perfect date includes hanging out with someone who converses using ‘woofs!’, then Pavia is just the spot. They love dogs so much they’ve even got a water bowl on their patio so Fido can stay hydrated, too.

Where to Shop
After fueling up with your pup, it’s time to get some shopping done. Here’s just a small sample of pet-friendly stores in Halifax:

Where to Stay
Many hotels are now pet friendly, especially those that are part of national and international chains. Some of those worth mentioning in the Halifax-area include:

  • The Westin Nova Scotia – it’s not only pet friendly, but is also reported to have some of the comfiest pet beds available. They also have a concierge that will fill you in on the top places to walk your dog in the city.
  • The Lord Nelson – it also has a concierge for pets and your special pal will get a treat upon check-in.
  • The Prince George Hotel – your pets receive a check-in package that includes a “comfy fleecy blanket, biodegradable waste bags, a bowl for food or water and an information package (that covers the best places for doggies to visit in the city)”.

This list of pet-friendly locations in Halifax is by no means exhaustive. Lucky for us pet owners, new spots for our pals are opening up almost daily. Did we miss your favourite pet-friendly restaurant, shop or hotel? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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