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Martha Stratton

Martha is a marketer who came to Halifax for school and ended up staying. In addition to goofing with her family, which includes her husband, baby companion and best dog, she enjoys black coffee, fresh air and great music. She’ll always choose cake over pie, and believes pizza is the perfect food. Martha knows the best weekends include diner breakfasts, trips to the market, and catching a salt water breeze.

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Kim Humes

Kim is a writer, administrator, foodie and crazy cat lady living in Halifax. She loves writing, reading, and hiking, and in her spare time, Kim can be found exploring Halifax's many awesome beaches, trails, breweries and restaurants. That is - when she's not playing board games with family and friends!

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Claire Parsons

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Katie Conklin

Katie is the Marketing & Communications Manager for Discover Halifax. Born and raised in the Halifax area (Fall River, NS!), Katie loves farmers' markets, hiking and trying new Halifax restaurants (EnVie in Halifax will ALWAYS be #1 in her heart). Katie loves to travel with her husband and family, but the BEST part is coming home to the love of her life, her dog Duke. Follow Katie on Instagram via @katieeconklin

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Jess Ilse

Jess is a marketing assistant and freelance writer who moved to Halifax from Cape Sable Island, exchanging small-town life for big-city living.She's been here in Halifax for eight years and can’t imagine living anywhere else (unless it’s Paris or Monaco…). Jess loves photography, reading, classic movies, pastries (she would write sonnets about macaroons if she there was an audience for it), and anything that involves the Royals. She believes that she'll never finish discovering amazing things about Halifax, which inspires her to get out and explore this wonderful city.

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Jessica Murray

Jessica is a marketing and communications gal based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a love of travelling both locally and beyond. Born and raised in the East Coast, she can’t get enough of exploring her Maritime home. From the culture and the cuisine to the beautiful coastline and regional recreation, she loves finding the next hidden gem - and sharing them with friends! She is also the owner of Wedding Whisper, a wedding planning and coordinating company dedicated to making your day go your way! For wedding inquiries, please contact her at wedwhisperer@gmail.com.

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Kate Horodyski

Kate is a freelance lifestyle and travel writer. While she loves traveling and spends a lot of time on the road, nothing compares to coming back home to Halifax. You can usually find her at one of the city’s many parks, hanging out at local coffee shops, and eating copious amounts of croissants from The Old Apothecary. You can find her online at katehorodyski.com and on Instagram @katehorodyski.

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Annie Rankmore

Annie is the Community Manager for Discover Halifax and spends her days creating and curating share-worthy Halifax content (she may be a contender for the title of World’s Best Job). A dedicated beer garden enthusiast, self-proclaimed vegan foodie (a passion for eating makes you a foodie right?) and lover of all things Halifax, she considers plenty of time outdoors to be the golden key to any great weekend. Follow Annie on Instagram via @annie.rankmore.

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Alex Archibald

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