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The BEST Places to Get a Coffee in Halifax

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Looking for that caffeine fix in Halifax? Look no further!

Here is our list of 16 (!!) of the BEST places to get a coffee in Halifax:

1 – Weird Harbour Espresso Bar
1656 Barrington St., Halifax – Downtown Halifax

This little espresso bar in downtown Halifax is a FAVOURITE among the locals who work downtown.

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2 – Steve-O-Reno’s Cappuccino Cafe
1536 Brunswick St, Halifax – Downtown/Spring Garden Road area

Steve-O-Reno’s has been around for over 20 years, so if anyone knows coffee, it’s them.

This independently owned and operated coffee shop in downtown Halifax is perfect to sit and enjoy a coffee or grab a quick bite, as they prepare fresh baked goods every morning, as well as delicious breakfasts and lunches.

3 – Dilly Dally Coffee Cafe
6100 Quinpool Rd, Halifax – Quinpool Road Area

Dilly Dally is a cosy little neighbourhood cafe on Halifax’s Quinpool Road. Not only do they serve up small batch treats and delicious caffeinated beverages, they’re also licensed! I’m sensing a new favourite spot for evening drinks AND morning espressos!

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4 – Lion & Bright
2534 Agricola St, Halifax – North End

This North End cafe and wine bar is a community-oriented space that acts as a cafe during the day, and transforms into a restaurant and bar in the evenings.

Why “Lion & Bright”?Lion is the libation bar and Bright is the barista bar. The Lion symbolizes courage, while Bright signifies brilliance, focus and awakening derived from their caffeinated beverages.

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5 – Narrow Espresso
5570 Fenwick St, Halifax – South End

Narrow Espresso is a little neighbourhood coffee shop that’s squeezed into  a little storefront on Fenwick Street (hence the name?). It’s unassuming in a way that you just might miss it, but don’t be fooled! Despite its tightly packed exterior, this place is a local favourite among residents of Halifax’s South End.  Narrow Espresso’s authentic drinks, expert baristas and high-quality beans make it a must-visit location for a caffeine fix in the city.

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6 – The Nook on Gottingen
2118 Gottingen St, Halifax – North End

The Nook is a personal favourite of mine, particularly because of the atmosphere. It’s warm, welcoming and very comfortable, in addition to its amazing food and drink.

This friendly neighbourhood coffeeshop in Halifax’s North End is just a 5-minute walk from the downtown core along Gottingen Street. The Nook is perfect for meeting friends, enjoying brunch or just relaxing with a cup of coffee and a crossword (just me?).

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7 – The Wired Monk Coffee Bistro
5147 Morris St, Halifax – South End

The Wired Monk has been created with a combination of the laid-back Pacific West and European flare, resulting in a comfortable and friendly coffee shop just a few blocks from the Halifax waterfront.

The decor includes original hand-painted art and their matcha lattes are amazing – ask any Haligonian and they`ll tell you the Wired Monk is a classic.

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8 – The Daily Grind Cafe and Art Market
1479 Birmingham St, Halifax – Spring Garden Road area

A lovely little cafe tucked away just off of Spring Garden Road, The Daily Grind is all about the comfort of a neighbourhood coffee shop.

Enjoy your coffee and peruse the art, this cafe is also an art market with plenty of local artisans’ work on display!

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9 – Julien’s Patisserie Bakery & Cafe
5517 Young St, Halifax – Hydrostone, North End

Another local favourite, Julien’s is the weakness go-to bakery for a MASSIVE number of Haligonians 😉 And what goes better with pastries and bread than a freshly brewed cup of coffee on a sunny patio? Answer: nothing.

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10 – The Other Bean
6220 Quinpool Rd, Halifax – Quinpool Road area

There’s only one way to say it, The Other Bean is cool.

They’re environmentally-friendly, the vibes are laid-back and casual, and they serve killer sandwiches. Most importantly, the coffee is UNREAL.

This is a must-stop coffee, lunch or afternoon drinks (they’re licensed!) stop for anyone, visitor or local!

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11 – PAVIA Gallery
Halifax Central Library + 995 Herring Cove Road

While not new to Halifax, Pavia is becoming more of a household name thanks to their location in the new Halifax Central Library.

With an emphasis on preserving Italian coffee culture in Nova Scotia, Pavia imports their espresso from a micro-roastery in Florence, Italy. Their drip blends are roasted locally and are only available at their two locations.

Don’t hesitate to try their baked goods and Paninis as well, I can’t recommend the Ricciarelli enough. Actually, you better get two.

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12 – The Old Apothecary
1549 Barrington Street – Downtown

The Old Apothecary is a bakery and coffee shop that focuses on sourcing local goods whenever possible. Their bread, pastries, cakes, fillings and frostings feature seasonal ingredients and are baked on site – you can see them being made right inside the door!

If you’re looking for something different from your usual drip coffee, The Old Apothecary focuses on pour over coffee – enhancing your coffee experience.

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13 – Scanway Bakery + Cafe
1567 Grafton Street – Downtown

Scanway is known throughout Halifax for their successful (and delicious!) catering company of the same name, as well as their LEGENDARY doughnuts. If you’re looking for something more coffee break-sized, be sure to visit their café location on Grafton Street.

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14 – Java Blend Coffee Roasters
6026 North Street – North End

A personal favourite, Java Blend is legendary on the Halifax coffee scene. Established in 1938 by Theodore Sideris, Java Blend focuses on the motto of “direct from our roaster to your cup,” ensuring the freshest, most flavourful cup of coffee, every time.

Another plus: since they’re brewing their own coffee – no middleman – the prices are extremely affordable. If you can’t make it in to the Java Blend shop, the good news is many cafes around the city brew Java Blend beans.

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15 – Two if by Sea
66 Octerloney Street – Dartmouth

TIBS, as the locals call it, grew its reputation with their insanely large and delicious croissants. Now, especially after the creation of their roasting company, Anchored Coffee, they’re celebrated for not only their buttery goodness, but also their coffee.

Anchored uses a direct trade model for green bean purchases and roasts their coffee weekly. They roast a single origin espresso roast and medium roast profiles. Expect a great cup of coffee, every time.

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16 – Smiling Goat
1551 South Park Street + Bishops Landing

Smiling Goat has built its reputation as being one of the premier destinations for coffee and espresso in the city, if not the region as a whole.

What sets the Smiling Goat apart? Not only do they serve top quality espresso and drip coffee from both local and afar roasters, they also use top technology to make the best cup. At their South Park location, you can experience the Clover – a finely tuned machine that allows the baristas to make subtle changes to the dose, grind and brew time.  South Park also features the Hario v60 for pour-over coffee. Visitors to the Bishop’s Landing location can try coffee from the Trifecta – Total Immersion/Air Injection machine.

No matter which location you visit, expect some of the best coffee in Atlantic Canada!

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Adapted from Top 6 Places to Get a Coffee in Halifax by Martha Stratton.

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