Jess Ilse

I'm Jess, a marketing assistant and freelance writer. I moved to Halifax from Cape Sable Island, exchanging small-town life with big-city living. I've been here for eight years and can’t imagine living anywhere else (unless it’s Paris or Monaco…). On my blog Jess in a Yellow Dress you’ll find slices of my life and what I'm up to next. I'm a big fan of photography, reading, classic movies, pastries (I would write sonnets about macaroons if I thought there was an audience for it), and anything that involves the Royals. I believe I’ll never finish discovering amazing things about Halifax, and that’s a large motivation for me to get out and explore this wonderful city.

Halifax Public Gardens Gazebo

Halifax’s Top Attractions – Everything You Need To Know (And More)!

As Nova Scotia’s capital city with nearly 270 years of history, the commercial hub of Atlantic Canada and home to more bars per capita than any city in Canada, there is no shortage of things to do in Halifax! From historical sites to local favourites, here is everything you need to know (and more) about Halifax’s top attractions. 11. Halifax

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lot 6

Top 6 places to get a cocktail in HALIFAX!

Jess + cocktails = the best relationship. I’m always in search of delicious cocktails downtown, so when I received this assignment I was more than ready to try out some new places and some new cocktails. 1. Lot Six Address: 1685 Argyle Street, Halifax Lot Six is a newly opened bar on Argyle Street, and it’s a place I’ve been meaning

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Top 6 Vegetarian & Vegan-friendly restaurants in HALIFAX

With vegetarian and vegan lifestyles on the rise, and a popular demand for healthy eating, this blog was long overdue! My latest quest for Destination Halifax involved sampling some of these plant-based dishes and restaurants in Halifax. To my surprise, there were more than I thought! Here’s what I tried for these 6 awesome local venues: 6. The Foggy Goggle

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Top 5 places for PANCAKES in Halifax!

Pancakes are always a delicious breakfast food and are easily adaptable to suit many different tastes, weather you want sweet and fruity or covered in whip cream! Plenty of diners around Halifax serve pancakes, and here are 5 of my favourite places: Smitty’s Smitty’s pancakes are famous; so famous that you can buy the mix for them now. These classic

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