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Jess is a marketing assistant and freelance writer who moved to Halifax from Cape Sable Island, exchanging small-town life for big-city living.She's been here in Halifax for eight years and can’t imagine living anywhere else (unless it’s Paris or Monaco…). Jess loves photography, reading, classic movies, pastries (she would write sonnets about macaroons if she there was an audience for it), and anything that involves the Royals. She believes that she'll never finish discovering amazing things about Halifax, which inspires her to get out and explore this wonderful city.
Pizza, salad and beer at La Piazza

Top 10 Pizza Places in Halifax!

Craving pizza in Halifax?  The city has PLENTY of mouth-watering pizzerias to choose from, no matter your pizza preferences. Whether you’re into gourmet pies, locally-sourced toppings or the gooey, cheesy fast food variety (no shame!), there’s no shortage of pizzerias to check out in Halifax.

Here are 10 of Halifax’s most MOUTH-WATERING PIZZAS:  Continue reading

Nocturne Spring Garden

6 FREE Halifax Cultural Activities You Can’t Miss

In Atlantic Canada, Maritime culture is celebrated in plays, movies, music, and art—and Halifax is no exception. And the best part is that you can experience the best of the city’s culture without spending a penny.

1 – Poetry in the Gardens

Calling all poetry lovers! To mark the 150th anniversary of the Public Gardens, visitors can enjoy free monthly poetry readings at sites throughout the gardens. Continue reading


Halifax’s Top Attractions – Everything You Need To Know (And More)!

As Nova Scotia’s capital city with nearly 270 years of history, the commercial hub of Atlantic Canada and home to more bars per capita than any city in Canada, there is no shortage of things to do in Halifax!

From historical sites to local favourites, here is everything you need to know (and more) about Halifax’s top attractions.

Continue reading

lot 6

Top 6 places to get a cocktail in HALIFAX!

Jess + cocktails = the best relationship. I’m always in search of delicious cocktails downtown, so when I received this assignment I was more than ready to try out some new places and some new cocktails.

1. Lot Six
Address: 1685 Argyle Street, Halifax

Lot Six is a newly opened bar on Argyle Street, and it’s a place I’ve been meaning to try but hadn’t yet had the chance. The bartender recommended a few drinks, including the 12th Year and the Ron Burgundy, but I went with his third recommendation: The Geisha Sour (Beefeater Gin, Dolin Dry, lime, Matcha Tea, rosewater and egg white).

It was sour and tart, and not something I would have picked out on my own, but I definitely enjoyed the departure from my usual selections!

2. The Bitter End
Address: 1572 Argyle Street, Halifax

The Bitter End is known for its impressive martini menu and its popular happy house, so I knew I had to try a martini. I’ve been to The Bitter End before on busy Saturday nights and I had tried their fun, fruity cocktails, but never one of the martinis. The bartender recommended all the martinis on the special Martini Monday menu, and I chose the Sour Apple Martini. It was delicious and tasted exactly like a sour apple!

3. The Middle Spoon
Address: 1563 Barrington Street, Halifax

I’m no stranger to The Middle Spoon – the peanut butter pie is one of the best I’ve eaten anywhere in Halifax. Before I went, I checked out the menu and the Red Sole caught my eye. I waiting until I arrived to make my decision to hear the bartenders recommendation.

She and the two servers recommended the Red Sole as well as the Aphrodite’s Weakness. I went with my original instinct and tried the Red Sole (gin, lillet blanc, orange blossom water, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, fresh seasonal berries, topped with soda). It was super fruity, light, and the blend of liquors and berries were perfect. This is a drink you’ll definitely want to try this summer!

Chocolate or peanut butter? Or both?

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4. The Gahan House
Address: 1877 Upper Water St, Halifax

This waterfront establishment is located right in Historic Properties. When you walk into Gahan House, you’ll be memorized with oceanfront views, high ceilings, big windows and yes, cocktails! For a summery drink I recommend the appropriately named “Halifizz” with gin, cucumber, grapefruit and soda. Another favourite is “The Harbour Hurricane” mad with three different kinds of tropical fruit juices. The names alone are enough to make you want to try a few of their cocktails and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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5. Field Guide
Address: 2076 Gottingen Street, Halifax

My friend Lindsay and I went to Field Guide and each tried a cocktail that the bartender recommended. I tried the Love Below, which was gin, dry vermouth, rose petals, lemon, and Peychaud, and thought it was delicious – the rose and lemon blended together nicely, felt like the perfect drink for a warm summer night.

The bartender also recommended the Caribbean Cup, but I’ll save that for my next visit!

Wednesday views 😏

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6. Lion and Bright
Address: 2534 Agricola St, Halifax

Located on Agricola Street in Halifax’s trendy North End, is a fantastic Café Wine bar with no shortage of classic cocktails with an interesting twist. Lion & Bright has two lists of cocktails, divided by stirred and shaken. Yes, they went there. Of course they make your classic “Old Fashions” and “Manhattans” but they can really impress you with cocktails such as “The Narcissist” and “The Last Word”.

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Where is your favourite place to get a cocktail or even better, which is your favourite cocktail of all time? Let us know!