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Top 5 hikes in Halifax – PART 2

Flowers are blooming and leaves are sprouting—spring is finally in the Halifax air! This means it’s time to dust off your hiking boots because it’s time to get acquainted with the numerous hiking trails in the Halifax region. Hiking is the perfect way to discover why Halifax is not only an amazing city where lakes, trails and scenic coastal walks

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How to get from Haliafx to Dartmouth ferry

Getting to Dartmouth from Downtown Halifax

Dartmouth is affectionately known as the City of Lakes, and in recent years the region has increasingly grown in popularity and into a vibrant community with a plethora of amazing things to do. Situated across the harbour from Downtown Halifax, Dartmouth shares its cosmopolitan feel and east coast vibe, but with a charm all in its own. So be sure

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the canteen

10 AWESOME and NEW things to do in Downtown Dartmouth: PART 2

You can’t come to Halifax without popping over to Dartmouth for the afternoon or day to experience the cool, trendy vibes and restaurants. A few weeks ago we released PART 1 of this series and now it’s time for PART 2! Here are 10 more things to do in Dartmouth: Cafe 98 on Portland Restaurant | 98 Portland Street Quickly becoming a

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10 AWESOME and NEW things to do in Downtown Dartmouth: PART 1

Over the past few years, Downtown Dartmouth has grown into a vibrant community and a must-visit destination filled with top-notch cafes, gourmet restaurants, chic shops, fabulous lunch spots, unique galleries, and an overall plethora of amazing things to do. Downtown Dartmouth’s range of locally-owned businesses demonstrates exactly why the area—just a short $2.50 ferry ride from Downtown Halifax—has become a

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