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11 facts about Sable Island that will surprise you

If you’re from the Maritimes you’ve probably grown up hearing stories about the mysterious, isolated, and wild wind-swept sand bar known as Sable Island. Often referred to as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” Sable Island is a place of wonder with strange origins and untouched beauty. Located far off the coast of Nova Scotia, for centuries the Island has captivated

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The 3 ways to get to Sable Island from Halifax

Sable Island National Park Reserve is one of the furthest offshore islands in Canada. Sitting in the Atlantic Ocean near the edge of the Continental Shelf, 290km off the coast of Halifax, the Island still considered part of the city municipality. For centuries Sable Island has spiked the interest of people from around the world. This 42km sand bar is

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The 7 BEST hotel bars in Halifax

When you’re visiting a new city, it can be difficult to know where to find those hidden-gem, must-visit establishments without simply stumbling onto them! Don’t fret though, we’re here to tell you exactly where some of the very best-kept local secrets can be found in Halifax. And who knows – they might be closer than you think! Once urban exploring,

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Top 5 hikes in Halifax – PART 2

Flowers are blooming and leaves are sprouting—spring is finally in the Halifax air! This means it’s time to dust off your hiking boots because it’s time to get acquainted with the numerous hiking trails in the Halifax region. Hiking is the perfect way to discover why Halifax is not only an amazing city where lakes, trails and scenic coastal walks

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