Top 5 Hikes in Halifax

The best part about hiking on vacation is the unique and untouched sites you’ll see!  And good news, hiking in the Halifax region can be enjoyed all year round! There are some great trails within a 30-minute drive of downtown Halifax. Some trails run along lakes, ocean, wooded areas and coves, while others offer breathtaking views and vistas. Either way,

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Top 10 places to watch the sunset in Halifax!

Who doesn’t like a good sunset? Here is a list of the top 10 places in the Halifax area to watch the sun go down. I kept in mind that as the sun goes down, most people don’t want to be too far from the starting point. Make sure to dress warm and pack a flashlight/headlamp just in case you

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Top 10 adventures in Halifax you HAVE to experience!

Halifax is an ideal place for any adventure seeker. There are countless places to explore and discover, whether you’re just visiting or living in Halifax. Here is a top-10 list of adventures you can try this summer around the Halifax area to keep your adventure spirit alive. With so many types of adventures to do, this list wasn’t easy to

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Top 10 Beaches in Halifax you NEED to go to!

There are many things that make the Halifax area an amazing place to live and visit, but for me, the one that stands above all else is the ocean. The actual shoreline stretches approximately 150km in length, and the scenic Halifax drive along the coast can be done in about 3 hours (just under 200km) from Hubbards up the eastern

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