5 Delicious Halifax Donairs

If there is one food you have to try when visiting Halifax, Canada, it’s a donair. Just ask Anthony Bourdain! Restaurants in other provinces will advertise donairs, but those are merely donair imposters. No donair meat? No donair sauce? Then it is NOT a donair. In most cases, “donairs” outside of Nova Scotia are more akin to a shwarma. Delicious they are, but donair they are not.

Donair is a sweet and spicy treat, a uniquely Nova Scotian delicacy. There are countless places to buy one in Halifax, including the five delicious donair dealers below.

The Hungry Hut
This place doesn’t look like much when you walk in, but the owners are lovely and you can’t beat $7.95 for a large donair! I have yet to find a place with a lower price. I also enjoy their pita bread. It’s always very soft and they toast it slightly on the grill to give it a bit of crunch. It feels good giving my money to a small family business that obviously cares about what they do.

Randy’s Pizza
I heard from several people that this is their “go-to” place for donairs in Sackville. Randy’s has been around since 1987 so they must be doing something right! Service is really prompt and friendly and they serve one of the largest donairs I’ve had (great value for $8.95 [and super tender meat])! There is also a location on Agricola Street for peninsula-dwellers who need their fix.

I always get a good feeling walking into Pizzadelic because their space is so open and their staff is prompt and friendly. Although you will pay a bit more than average for a large donair ($9.56), you will get a huge portion for that price (a large is normally a two meal proposition for me anyway!).

It’s hard to compile a list of donair establishments in Halifax and not include European Food Shop and Sicilian. First of all, they both claim space at that altar of late night greasy eats known as Pizza Corner (a donair makes a lovely post-bar snack!). Secondly, there are 4 locations between the two of them, so they are conveniently available to most residents and visitors.

The next time you need a spicy, sweet and filling snack, you could have a slice of pizza or a shwarma, but why not eat something uniquely local? Donair sauce goes with everything!

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