Top 8 Halifax Burgers Joints to try!

Nothing says summer like grilled meat loaded with all the fresh, crisp toppings you can imagine. Enter the burger; the perfect summer food, synonymous with lazy backyard BBQ’s, cool refreshing drinks and warm summer evenings.

Make the most of the summer and take a bite of one of these hearty Halifax burgers:

  1. Ace Burger

This unassuming restaurant is really just a window in a classic North End bar. Don’t let the humble set-up fool you – this place is serving up surprisingly upscale burgers, with a major focus on local ingredients.

My pick: The “Pig Mac”

  1. Darrell’s Restaurant

If you haven’t tried peanut butter on a burger, you are missing out. Trust me – I know it sounds strange but it adds an amazingly creamy and sweet texture and Darrell’s is known for it. If you’re not convinced, don’t worry, Darrell’s has at least 12 more burgers to choose from!

My pick: The Peanut Butter Burger

  1. Krave Burger

I have never once had bad food or service at this place because it really seemed like the employees are Krave Burger are passionate about what they do. And, hey, the USB ports, mini TVs and sleek décor don’t hurt either! Bonus: their milkshakes are to die for (pretty sure “Chocolate Coma” speaks for itself).

My pick: The Smoking Goat Burger

  1. Relish

This chain has two Halifax locations (Quinpool Road and Bedford), giving you twice the opportunities to “relish life” (words to live by). I love the open kitchen where you can watch your delicious burger being prepared with tender loving care. They have a tremendous varieity of sides to choose from (the waffle fries are my personal fav), not to mention the local beer on tap to pair them with.

My pick: LA is My Lady

  1. Cheese Curds

Cheese Curds is not only a gourmet burger restaurant, but a “poutinerie”! You better arrive hungry because these burgers are HUGE, and you can go nuts with toppings at their “bar” where you can pick and choose whatever you like. They even have an entire breakfast burger menu (bacon, egg and cheese on a DONUT?! Whoa).

My pick: The Lamb Burger

  1. Stillwell Bar

This place is known as an amazing beer bar, but their food even rivals the rotating taps for deliciousness. Serving mostly small plates, they normally have a couple of burgers rotating on the menu regularly. Their meat is some of the most flavourful I have had anywhere in town, and they always have awesome music spinning.

My pick: The Diner Burger

  1. Flipburger

Another chain with two Halifax locations, Flipburger offers enough toppings and extras to make your head spin. It’s also another great place to grab a milkshake, such as the decadent peanut butter, banana and bacon (!!). Try adding truffle oil and freshly grated parmesan to your fries for an extra hit of flavour.

My pick: The Maui Wowie

  1. 2 Doors Down

This popular downtown spot serves elevated comfort food  and the star is their cheeseburger. The Classic is great enough, but you can also pump it up by choosing the Smokehouse (smoked gouda, chorizo bbq sauce, crispy shallots, bacon onion jam and chipotle aioli) or Dragon (red dragon glaze, dragon’s growl cheese spread, cilantro mayo and kimchi slaw). The fries are even served up in a charming, nostalgia-inducing red and white box.

My pick: The Cheeseburger (Old School)

Clearly Halifax does burgers right – so don’t let the summer pass by without enjoying at last one oft these 8 tasty patties!

Photos via: Ace Burger

selfie murphy

The 5 BEST places to take a selfie in HALIFAX!

Whether you’re travelling or in your own backyard, we can all appreciate the importance of a great background for a selfie. Luckily, if you’re in Halifax you’ve got plenty of places to choose from.

Here’s a round up of five of the best places to take a selfie in Halifax:

1. With a 78h Highlander at Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada
It’s like the traditional photo with the Buckingham Palace guards, except in Nova Scotia and with 100% more tartan.

2. Enjoying a massive plate of fresh seafood
When in Rome, right? Whether you get your seafood from The Five Fisherman, Shuck Raw Bar, the Waterfront Warehouse, or any place in between, trust me when I tell you that you’re going to want to snap a pic. I know it might feel impossible to wait even an extra minute before digging into your oysters, lobster, mussels and crab, but the jealousy this photo will provoke from your friends and family will be well worth the wait!

3. With Theodore Tugboat
Theodore’s a true Halifax staple, and he’s not just for the kids! As long as he’s not taking groups out for a tour of the Halifax harbour, he’s usually docked right beside Murphy’s – so don’t miss out, grab a photo with this always-smiling Haligonian! Bonus points if you can get your selfie during November when he’s sporting his Movember moustache.

4. At Peggy’s Cove
This perfect-selfie location is just outside of the city, but so worth the trip. Visit the small fishing village, or get a photo with the lighthouse itself, just make sure you stay away from those slippery black rocks!

5. In front of a thick wall of fog
Halifax can get some great weather, but it can often feel the most authentically Halifax when there’s a thick layer of fog surrounding the city.  Some of the best locations to surround yourself in the mist are up on Citadel Hill, or even better – on the waterfront. Your friends and family will wonder what kind of dream world you’ve landed in.

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Halifax sunset

Visiting Halifax on business? You can still create memories!

Blog written by Laura MacDougall with Nova Scotia Business Inc 

One of the best parts about living and working in Halifax is the unbeatable quality of life. How many cities offer an ocean view from your office, or let you walk along the waterfront during your lunch break? As the business hub of the Maritimes, we’re proud to show Halifax off to our clients, customers and business partners from near and far around the world.

Whether you’re here for a conference, meeting, or are new to our booming local business community, squeeze in some time after the work day has finished and see what our small but jam-packed city has to offer.

While summer is arguably the best time to check out any city, this rings especially true for Halifax. From the bustling waterfront and sparkling blue harbour, to the public gardens and beer gardens, there’s an endless amount of fun things to do. Even if you’ve only got a few hours after a conference or before a meeting to take it all in, you won’t be disappointed. The go-to spot for locals and visitors alike? The Halifax waterfront.

It can feel like the options are endless when it comes to food in Halifax, even just on the waterfront alone. You can head down Duke Street and stop at Cow’s for an ice cream, head inside the Historic Properties Privateers Wharf and grab an Americano and a legendary croissant at Two If By Sea, or have fresh Atlantic fish and chips at The Battered Fish.

If you’d rather have a seat while you eat, the new favorite local spot is the Stubborn Goat Waterfront Beer Garden. In addition to their craft brews, they’ve got great options for food and an unobstructed harbour view. On a breezy day, try Murphy’s on the Water for their covered patio, or sit inside at Salty’s or Gahan House while still taking in the ocean views.

Continue strolling south-bound along the boardwalk and you’ll eventually hit the Halifax Seaport, which is home to Halifax’s biggest farmer’s market. Its most popular days are Saturday and Sundays, but it’s open throughout the week. In addition to food, there are plenty of unique vendors selling everything under the sun – artwork and paintings, handmade wood products, jewelry, fine local wines, and plenty of Nova Scotia takeaways. Across the street you’ll find the ever-popular East Coast Lifestyle clothing shop, and traditional craft brewery, Garrison Brewing Co.

Much like to the highland dancers and bagpipes you’re more than likely to come across on your harbour stroll, most of what you’ll find is born and bred in the Maritimes. These local businesses are filled with charm and make our waterfront, and your visit to Halifax, extra special.

Start planning your next trip to Halifax here!