10 AWESOME and NEW things to do in Downtown Dartmouth: PART 1


Over the past few years, Downtown Dartmouth has grown into a vibrant community and a must-visit destination filled with top-notch cafes, gourmet restaurants, chic shops, fabulous lunch spots, unique galleries, and an overall plethora of amazing things to do.

Downtown Dartmouth’s range of locally-owned businesses demonstrates exactly why the area—just a short $2.50 ferry ride from Downtown Halifax—has become a favourite place and go-to location for visitors and locals alike in the Halifax region.

There’s so much more to Dartmouth than just its view of Downtown Halifax and these 10 awesome local businesses prove it!

  1. Dart Gallery + Picnic at Dart

Gallery + Restaurant | 127 Portland Street

Enjoy art, amazing food and drinks in a relaxed and elegant setting. Chef Al is trained in classical French cuisine and his dishes at Picnic at Dart take inspiration from the current art show at Dart Gallery, and the menu even changes with each new exhibit. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss out on.

  1. New Scotland Yard

Record Store, Barber Shop + Recording Studio | 45 Portland Street

Owned and operated by Canadian rock musician Joel Plaskett, New Scotland Yard is not only the local artists recording studio, but also an epic record store (Taz Records) and hip barber shop (Elk’s Haircutting).

  1. Room 152

Consignment Boutique | 152 Portland Street

Love designer clothing at an affordable price? Then Room 152 will quickly become your favourite spot. It’s a chic boutique offering a mix of new and gently pre-loved pieces like Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, and Tori Burch, to name a few.

  1. KEW

Furniture & Home Decor | 102 Portland Street

KEW recently found a home in Downtown Dartmouth, a modern furniture and trendy home accessories store with exclusive stylish products that will be sure to add an extra special touch to your home.

  1. Portland Street Creperie

Restaurant | 55 Portland Street

The new kids on the block, Portland Street Creperie provides a Nova Scotian twist on European favourites with their sweet and savoury crepes.

  1. Stone Pizza

Restaurant | 79 Alderney Drive

Stone Pizza is also a newer addition to the Downtown Dartmouth area. Not your average pizza place, all the toppings are your choice and made to order right in front of you!


Eco-Friendly General Store | 52 Queen Street

P’LOVERS, short for ‘Planet Lovers,’ derives its name from Nova Scotia’s Piping Plovers. This small Nova Scotia shore bird was declared an endangered species in 1985. Just like the Piping Plover, P’LOVERS focuses on the concept of treading lightly on earth and offers eco-friendly products to reflect this.

  1. Hazelnut & Rose

Maternity Boutique | 46 Queen Street

Hazelnut & Rose is the perfect shop for the mother-to-be, carrying stylish and chic maternity and nursing clothes.

  1. Just Us! Café

Café | 15 Kings Wharf Place

Not only is Just Us! Coffee amazing, their large open space in King’s Wharf is the ideal location to spend an afternoon reading a great book or working away on your computer.

  1. Kept

Gifts & Houseware Boutique | 75 King Street

Items sold at Kept boutique are sourced both locally and internationally and include everything from home decor, jewelry, paper goods, children’s clothing and toys, and much more.

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